Rui graduated in law from Universidade Católica de Salvador, Rui achieved his masters in Public Law right after that. Engaged in social awareness activities he later on founded and became president of the first  Lawyers’ Union in the state of Bahia, this made him rise as Counsellor of the Brazilian Law Society during several years. Rui’s interests and is work with human rights issues granted him with an official degree of recognition by International Human Rights commissions. His social awareness made him founder and patron of the May 1st Foundation, a social assistance charity for the impoverished neighbourhood of Alagados, Salvador, Bahia. He is a major judicial consultant that is responsible for the follow up of several legal processes in the Superior Courts in Brasilia. He is the founder and main name at the Patterson & Patterson Law Firm with special expertise on court cases and legal assistance for foreigners, being the number one recommended lawyer by the British Consulate in Bahia.

Rui Patterson is currently based in Miami, Florida, setting a new branch for his practice and sitting for the Florida Bar Exam.

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